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  Earthworms put out a by-product called castings, worm tea is obtained as water runs off or drips through the castings in  the worm beds thus picking up the nutrients of the castings. Worm tea is infinitely richer in nitrogen, phosphate, calcium, magnesium and potash, the mycorrhizae expands the root zone 100 to 1000 times normal root growth.
 WormTea is not only a great organic plant food, it's also a natural repellent for aphids, spider mites, scale and white flies. 

  CANNABISWORMTEA will not kill insects, but repels them because it stengthens the plants natural defences and    promotes habitate for beneficial insects..such as ladybugs.... outdoors...of course.
  WormTea  will increase plant abundance and flavor by 4-10 times.
  Plants really perk up quick.  Almost over-night. 
 Its like having a compost pile in a bucket,  much easier to use and it's available year around. 

Use it for seed germination by using the wet paper towel spout method or water newly planted seeds. When used as plant food it can be diluted 2 to 4 cups with water and applied with each watering or it can be applied 50/50 strength once a week with water application between each use.  
CannabisWormTea will not heat up and burn your plants, it (like castings) works as soil amenders and sits in the soil until the plant is ready to use it.
 To use as a hi-powered folir feed.... spray liberally.. be sure to get the underside of the leaves..... apply again after rains. 
  The use of organic products actually reduce the cost of gardening in the long run because the long-depleted soil is   gradually restored naturally and plants grown in this soil begin to develop their own defenses against pests and diseases.
Cut flowers love a half cup added to the water, it increases length of life and promotes more blooms.
WormTea is great if you have pets or children, there are no chemicals to be breathed in, digested, or absorbed through the skin.


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