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Bob F.   Sept. 23, 2009
I picked up a combo kit at Seattle hempfest in '09
That harvest was the sweetest tasting medicine . The next go round I tried Advanced Nutrients
I was less than impressed, was chasing the harvest I had with the worm tea.
I've since re-ordered 4 times. I recommend the tea to anyone ..anytime
Thanks Guys...wonderful product...I'll be back for more
John E.
Kelso Wa.  April 11, 2010
I sent my re-order in buy two refills get one free
I do thank you for all the great advice, it's good to know their are folks like you that like to share you're cannabis growing knowledge with newbies like me
Kay B.    Sept.16, 2010
Colorado Springs, Co.
I'm a 3 time returning customer, CWT rocks
It's simple, eazy to use ..plus I save 100's of dollars per grow gettin two soaks per teabag.
Thanks much!
Mike M.   Oct, 7 2010
I'm growing Aero..at 2 cups of cannabiswormtea per gal. my plants perked up in 2 days and have had several inches of new growth.  Thanks for the great advice as well.
Colorado Springs, Co.
Chris H.    Dec 20, 2010
Thanks, my veg and blooms have been on the worm tea for almost 2 weeks now and they are really reaching for the sky. They look great!
Albemerle, N.Carolina
C.W.     Dec.24 2010
Thanks, I've stopped using chem's altogether. I was going to use them up in a control group to see the difference, but the chem's quickley fell behind..their was no comparison. Thanks again for a great product.
Morrisville, Tennesee
Dunnbeetle  Feb. 1 2011
I met you at Seattle hempfest, we got into a debate about chems vs. organics, your product is far better than advanced nutrients, no comparison...I'm staying with cannabiswormtea.
Thanks you guys,
Shelton, Washington
Cory M.    Feb 4 2011
I appreciate the tips and the great customer service. I will be ordering again.  I did an experiment soaking seeds with the tea vs. water, the seeds exploded out in 3 days, the water took 7 days.
Thanks for hooking me up.
No. Calif.
Jay C.      April 7 2011
What up Mike,
So my buds are freak'n great man I am a believer in CWT and will never use anything else. I have been tellin my buddies and can't wait to show them cause they are gonna want it too. I know the tea rocks
 I couldn't be happier
Thanx Mike
Warwick, Rhode Island
Chris H.     April 28, 2011
I use your tea & mycorrhizae religiously, works great. I've got my cloning up to 100% in 7 days.
I'll be ordering again soon.
Washington State
Eric W.     May 13, 2011
Been out of town 4 days, WOW! My seedlings have quadrupled in size. Yes, they have only been fed CWT and water...this is the most growth from seed I have experienced since I started growing..truly awesome.
Thanks a million.
Ontario, Canada
Darren M.   May 31, 2011
Hey Mike,
Good news is everything looks fantastic as I could expect.  Been out of town, told the wife to give um the tea.
I came home today to find outstanding healthy plants, so we will continue with the tea.
 Much Love.
Everett, Washington
Gary B.  June 6, 2011
Hi Mike,
Wanted to let you know how things are growing. Been using CWT for 4 weeks and have noticed a 50% increase in vegetive growth, buds are getting fatter and I have had 200% clone survival.
CWT is much easier to use than these other products, cheaper too!
 I will be telling everyone interested in growing their own medicine about your products.
Thanks Again
Warren, Mi.
Jen & Ben    June 20, 2011
Sweet, we love your products..so do our ladies!
Thanks Again
Wendle, Calif.
Hey Mike,  June 27, 2011
Everything looks fatastic! Going into bloom the 1st. Here's a photo of 14 plants. We have blue mystic
 train wreck, silver haze and a few sour d...All grown with 100% CWT.
Great products, real results
Darren M.
So. Ca
Donald P.  July 11, 2011
Thanks... your tea is amazing...my girls love it!
Princeton, Ca.
Byron A.  July 11, 2011
Thank You very much for the quick response, we do love your product !!!!!!!!
So. Calif
 Jarrett La.    July 23, 2011
I just wanted to thank you guys.  Your tea is amazing, I could't believe the results.
 My plants shot right up and look healthy. I would like to get some spores.  I will be ordering soon so if you could send them with my next order that would be great
Thank You
Plymouth, MA
Leap Frog  July 26, 2011
Mike... Having fantastic results so far.  Day 25 into bloom and I'm already tying up branches to support the flower weight!  So sweet smelling and stickey n oh so frosty.
Much Love
Washington  State
Suzette R.  Aug 6, 2011
Central Calif.
Bob R.  Aug. 12, 2011
You have a wonderful product. I can hardly wait for the upcoming taste test.
Cave Junction, Oregon
Jarrett L.  Aug 26, 2011
Thank You, I really like your products and have told alot of people how good they are.  I will be using your products for a long time. Thanks again
Steve H.  Oct 20,2011
Thanks Bro, Great customer service on your part.
Novi, Michigan
S.H.  Dec.8, 2011
Please send more of the good stuff, CWT makes my meds taste gummified good.. great shit Bro!
Livonia, Michigan
Scott    Feb 20, 2012
I've used the tea now for about 5 days and have noticed a marked difference in all my newly plants clones and sprouts.  Remarkable actually!  I'm a commercial producer here in colorado  and haven't been able to achieve that kind of initial growth before.  It will make a substantial difference in early veg. production.
Can't wait to see the results on the flowers.
Colorado Springs
L. H.    Feb. 25, 2012
We love your tea and the fast shipping.
Copemish, Michigan
Tina & Jeff    March 13,2012
Hey Mike,
We really liked what the tea did for our sick and buggy plants.
Can't wait to see how it does with the healthy plants.
We'll see ya this year @ Seattle Hemp Fest.
Doug    April 11, 2012
Love the tea, send me all bloom formula
Lambertville, MI.
Jason  April 12, 2012
Thanks Mike
I'm stoked about my results with the tea!
La Mirada, Calif.
Barbara S. April 13, 2012
Thanks, love the tea.
Who ever started this tea is a freaking genius.
Rockville IL.
Joe A.    April 17, 2012
I'm a re-order, love the product, works great!
Rochester Hills, MI.
Wendal D.      May 6th 2012
Thanks so much, we got our re-order for them 9th time....Thanks again!
Probably will be ordering some fresh tea this week also!
We love your products!
This year we started off rite from the begining with your products  :-)
No. California
Jay N.  May 19th 2012
Thanks...love your product. I've sent all my friends your way.
 Last year everyone asked "what are you putting on those"
I called it hog food lol. Thanks again.
Oroville, CA
 L. N.   June  2, 2012
Hey fellows,
Last year was my second grow outdoors,
The stuff you guys made last summer was remarkable.
 I got size, trichomes,  the perfume of the plants was to say most delicious,
the best high I ever had.
I wish I was growing some this year
peace...just keep doing what your doing!
KGB   June 6, 2012
I've been growing indoors since 1989. I've used every gadget, nutrient supplement and magic formulas available to make my ladies fatter and danker. A couple years back I started using an expensive worm tea sold in cartridge form, which gave pretty good results, but they were pricy.  $65 per five gallon cartridge and I had to use their fancy brewer $400 and I only got 5 gallons per shot.  Then I found CWT.  WOW, this stuff is amazing!
I can brew in an ordinary 5 gal. bucket and it's alot cheaper than the other stuff and much richer as well.
My ladies sigh with pleasure when I water the tea in.  They immediately get super vigorous and healthy and the buds get so thick, fat and sticky..I can't believe it.  Everyone is amazed with the end results too!
I tell all my grower buddies to try out CWT. Truly an awesome product.  Thanks Mike!!
Central California
L.H.  July 1 2012
You are a great company, everything we have used is outstanding.
And great service.
Thank You
No. Michigan
July 2, 2012
Got ot tell you, some patients of mine went to a Michigan dispensry in Ann Arbor
 came back and told me my meds are better.
 I thank you for all the help.
I went from a guy people used to laugh at because of the quality..
 to a guy that has them higher than balls on a giraffe....and they love the taste.
You the Man BRUDDA!
Central Michigan
September 4,  2012
Hey Guys
I really like your product, it's super simple to use. I just recently grew a batch of some of the
STRONGEST medical marijuana I have ever smoked in my life.  49 y.o.
With results like this you have a customer for life.
Thank You
No. Michigan
Feb 4, 2013
I've been using CWT indoors and outdoors for two years with outstanding results.
My plants are bigger with better yields and I'm very happy with your products.
Oroville, Calif.
Feb 13, 2013
We really love your product, we are going to start using it exclusively.
FV, California
March 15, 3013
I harvested my first CWT buds last night. The healthiest plants I've ever grown
I'll be back for more.
Loveland, Colorado
April 16, 2013
Hey! Thanks a lot for the gift, it was generous and very appreciated.
Shows your a company that appreciates loyal customers.
Thanks again.
Central Michigan
April 20, 2013
I need another two box set, 3 bloom ..4 grow.
I"ve re-ordered 8 times now.. You guys are the best
Thanks so much!
Jacksonville, GA.
April 24, 2013
Hey Guys,
Just wanted to say thanks for all your help over the past year.
Besides your help with all the questions I had when I first started out,
it's great to finally try a product that delivers.
Their are so many products that claim to do this or that, but do not deliver the end results.
 I Love the tea and so do my patients, we all thank you for a magnificent product.
Oh! and by the way....What do you put into those magical tea bags.
N. Michigan
MAY 26, 2013
Good Afternoon Mike,
Love your product, been telling friends about CWT.
Makes a big difference
  Thanks for the good work.
So. California
June 6, 2013
Been using CWT for about a year. Been at it for 30 years plus.
I practice the KISS theory..KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!
I have never seen growth like this.
Thanks again.
So, Michigan
June 25, 2013
Your tea is no B.S.!
Awesome Tea... Good Shit Brah!
B. Mass
August 15, 2013
I have been using CWT for 2 years  with phenomenal results!
 I have harvested some of the sweetest tasting buds hands down no matter what strain I grow
 they always surpass what's available at the local dispensires.
Keep up the good work.
Gary B.
August 31, 2013
I just placed another order of your tea but I forgot to tell you what I want.
I need two grow and one bloom please.
 I have to say,   the last bloom teas you made me worked great on all my strains.
Thanks for all your help and support.
 Keep sending me the great product you supply me with every time.
Best Regards,
Greg & Lisa W.
September 13, 2013
Thanks Mike
Appreciate you're help and I'll surely be ordering from you again!
So. Cal
October 13, 2013
You all are great & your products are amazing!
Union, MO.
November 14, 2013
I have been thinking about using your grow formula, the Sweet Bloom is the best!
I recommend it to all my friends, keep up the good work.
So. California
December 1, 2013
I like dealing with you and your company,
 you're product's are TOPS.
Thank You
Jan 23, 2014
Please duplicate the order. Also keep up the good work.  Your products awesome.
Can't say enough good stuff about them.
 Thank You Again
So Cal
Jan 29, 2014
I ordered for the first time, that's what I'm talking about.
Explosive growth, root development.
Thank You
Beach Park, IL.
Feb. 4, 2014
Hey Guys
Love your products
My mom's and youngsters really need the grow formula ASAP.
I'll be on the look-out for the postman.
No. Cal.
Feb 5, 2014
I much appreciate you guys. Your stuff is the bombest stuff out there.
Makes a big diiff, love it!
March 9, 2014
Thank You so much for the package, received it in a timely manner.
The seedlings perked up after the first application of the grow tea.
I'm definitely giving you guys a 100% all across the board.
Keep up the good work!
Mark T.
Miami, Florida
March 11, 2014
Thank You for the advice, CTW my ladies look wonderful.
Mancelona, MI
May 27, 2014
I'm been using CWT for a couple years, your tea kicks ass!
Thank You
Olalla, Washington
July 22, 2014
Thanks again for a wonderful product.
Central Washington
Aug 28 2014
Hello Mike
I like your product and have been using it  for about 2 years. I'm moving on to a bigger shop.
Iam going to need about 30 bags a run plus 6 bags for veg.
Question is, will you do a discount on a large purchase?
Central MI
SEPT 1 2014
Your tea rocks!  Thanks, if you guys ever need a rep or any assistance in So Cal. or anywhere please let me know I am a true CWT believer.
So, California
Sept 2 2014
Been using CWT for a few years. Thanks for all your help Mike, it's much appreciated.Things are getting competitive here in Michigan
I feel your product gives me the edge I need
Thanks again.
Sept 2 2014
I re-ordered the 2 box set all bloom please.
Love Your Products.
Thank You
Wildomar, California
October 22  2015
As a lot of you know our site has been dark for most of this year.
 To our regular customers...Thanks much for supporting CWT
We fully expect our review page to be blessed with fresh updates...
Stay Tuned..
Nov. 2 2015
Hey Mike,
I am having a hell of a time, I messed up bad! I used a product called OG flower hardener, trashed my plants, no sugar anywhere. Totally bummed, zero smell or sugar on 90% of my babies. Looks like I am not going to be able to recover from this one..  Always, my re-order is on the way
UP Michigan
Nov.6 2015
I cannot express the difference your product made...ASTOUNDING!!
Jan 4 2016
We have seen insane results when we save a gallon of the tea then spray as a foliar feed.
Also spreading the used tea on top of the coco.
Everything gets fatttttt!
Thanks Much.
So. Cal
Jan 16 2016
Mike I want to get some cash to you. I am sure I'm close to out.
I had a superb run last time, I doubled the dose. My crop was the stickiest batch I have grown. The only thing I did was double the tea strength and double the application
Thanks Mike
 Central Michigan
April 26 2016
My harvest with CWT is the most aromatic cannabis I've ever smoked.
When I pulled the stumps after the harvest, the root balls were the size of basketballs or bigger,
very heavy and very dense. Thanks for all the greats tips along the way too!
Can't argue with results. 
North Carolina
May 25, 2017
I will continue the bloom run this week. The bloom worked great on some that are finishing...mmm
 stuff's really fragrant and frosty..More than normal so I can't wait to see what happens.
Thanks Again 
 So Cal
Nov 19, 2017
I placed my very first order with you guys in Nov. 2011. I have always had great success with CWT. Thank You for being ready and willing to help. I've always had great customer service with you.
I will make a new order soon
Central Cal.
June 20, 2018
Been using CWT for 6 years, thanks for the fast shipping. You guys rock!
N. Cali
The answer from CWT is Yeah Baby..
We do discounts for many of our long time users and larger grow ops.


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