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Start with the roots for plant success, approved for all Organic Applications

A relatively new twist on the use of compost is earthworm casting tea. A concentrated liquid extract of composted veggies and fruits and other organic compounds digested and enhanced by earthworms into rich, odorless castings. These castings are �brewed� and nutrients resulting in a super concentrated liquid that supercharges any type of planting medium you work with.
There are many years of proven results in and around the Pacific North West.

The word of mouth is getting around, and now we can offer OUR amazing CannabisWormTea products nationwide.
CannabisWormTea is transforming tea technology with over 30 experience years in the worm business.
CannabisWormTea Kits can actually increase plant size and yields. This is due to interaction of worm casting microbes with the soil microbes and protozoa interacting with the soil particles as well as the root system of the plant itself.
Plants that grow treated with CannabisWormTea receive more nutrition than in soil alone. The microbes in CannabisWormTea turns organic matter into humus storing energy for later use which is soluble and always available for the plant when needed. Studies have shown that with continued applications of CannabisWormTea, soil will become stronger in each successive year which will typically result in higher and more consistent yields. CannabisWormTea can be used as a soil drench, applied thru a drip irrigation system or as a foliar spray, and is excellent in combination. Grow and Bloom Tea Kits
Always Fresh... Teeming with Life �Always Organic

Everything you need is included in the kit.. 
Get a 5 gal.Bucket
Add purified Water
Drop the Tea Bag
Plug in the Oxygen
It's That Eazy!

CannabisWormTea is the perfect compliment to most anything else in your existing program. Or a fantastic stand alone plant food/booster.
CannabisWormTea also helps retain nitrogen and other nutrients such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, etc. also produce hormones that help plants grow.
Our exclusive fresh blend creates complex enzymes that other worm casting products simply do not have.  These conditions represent an ideal environment for extracting and growing billions of beneficial micro-organisms.  NANO-COMPOUNDS.

Whether you are a small, medium or large grower you can benefit by applying CannabisWormTea. 

As the price of fertilizer continues its upward climb, it requires a careful examination as to how and where your cash is being applied. And what's the real return on that hard earned dollar investment?

We can show you how you can allocate a portion of your annual fertilizing budget into a more efficient application, and how this decision will not only increase your crop yield but how it will make your cannabis garden more uniform and save you MONEY in the years to come. Not to mention the amazing health, growth, and deliciously abundant yields. By utilizing concentrated CannabisWormTea applications you will soon realize savings and yields that may have previously been thought to be unattainable. It's not magic but just good old school biology coupled with today science that fortifies the soil, both in the short and long term.

CannabisWormTea Kits are teeming with Live beneficial micro-organisms.
Always Fresh, Teeming with Life!

The best way we've found to feed the soil. We now know that a healthy soil environment is the key to healthy plants. A healthy soil is alive with beneficial micro-organisms. These micro-organisms are responsible for producing huge robust plants, more resistant to insect and disease problems, that are more productive and able to withstand extremes in temperature and moisture.
Those that have indoor gardens with benefit tremendously including CannabisWormTea into your existing feeding schedule by fortifying and strengthening the plants natural defenses and immune system. Your plants can withstand and cope with stress and help them thrive if conditions are less than perfect.
TRY.. CannabisWormTea... FOR THE FIRST TIME...
You will love the IMMEDIATE results!
CannabisWormTea is a biologically concentrated organic soil additive. It contains soluble nutrients, but more importantly an enormous diversity of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes are extracted and encouraged to grow to incredibly high numbers. Our proprietary solution will add full flavor, intense aroma and size to all your garden goodies and keep you're microbes fat and happy!

Get maximum results for your cannabis garden as quickly as possible.
Order right now
Your ladies will love you for it!



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