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About Us

We Have been in business over 9 years.

We are the first company to introduce this exciting breakthrough in Nano-earth technology.

One CannabisWormTea Kit include's A "Whisper Quite" Smooth Flowing Tetra Air Pump!  When you shut down oxygen supply to living organisms they die.

Aeration is the key.  The Air pump provides Life giving oxygen for Trillions of microbes to thrive and multiply.

  It's Alive and Growing No Odor!

CannabisWormTea is dedicated to the Plant Kingdom
 Abundant Life... Amazing Health...Huge Sweet Buds
A Gardener myself, that's what I look for.
 The Wow Factor!

Don't miss out on vital life giving compounds that support and enhance the plants abundant life.  Nature provides the perfect solution..

Performing efficiency and functionality

Grow the best possible outcome Organically with CannabisWormTea.

Best Possible Outcome.


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