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 9 Years in business helping grow
Outstanding Organic Craft Cannabis world wide\
Featured in the "Gear" section
Feb. 2011 issue of High Times Mag.
Special Thanks to Danny Danko and the crew @ High Times Mag.
Featured in
by Dru West
100% Organic
Complete Home Brew Earthworm casting tea kit
 Fortified with Indonesian Bat Guano plus 14 other organic compounds
Cannabis thrives' on.
Always Fresh...Teeming with Microbial Life Force.
Grow with True Living Organics
All the pix on our site were grown with  
100% CannabisWormTea
That's it! 
 Grow or Sweet Bloom formula
Simple and easy to use 
                      Direct Energy Effective Immediately            
CannabisWormTea is taking off in
Canada & round the world!
Delivery World Wide
International shipping cost are steep at
$60 per box.  
We offer a $10 discount at checkout to offset
this charge.
You want Sweet Clean Herb with enormous yields
 now's the time!
 Check out our Testimonial Page
 Real customers Fantastic results Immediately
The Art   The Craft  The Individuality
May Beautiful Things Happen For You
No better time to get off nasty chemicals
and that factory produced taste.
Cannabis Worm Tea 
Dense Organic Bud
Full Floral Bouquet  
IT GET'S OLD FAST PAYING $10 to $25 a gram.
Fresh Grow and Sweet Bloom Formula
A better, easier way to grow ORGANIC Super Sweet!  
Up to 125 Gals. of Fresh worm tea per Kit
Grow or Sweet Bloom Kit Refills
Buy 2 refills get one free
Money saving bulk deals available
e-mail us for details
Save money.. Look @ the Grow & Sweet Bloom Combo kit
You know the tea works, no confusion..just satisfaction. 
CannabisWormTea is easy to use.
Just use it...Become a Believer!
We now ship CannabisWormTea products
 Cannabis grower's live for the thrill of a new crop and the expectation of an
amazing harvest of huge sticky sweet buds.

The goal of this site is to cut thru the mystery of growing beautiful huge healthy cannabis plants...
We can help you grow the finest cannabis around. First time, every time.
Whatever the level of growing experience.
When you decide to grow cannabis, a lot of changes occur in your life and those around you.
 Make the right decisions to maximize yield and quality.   That's the pay-off
Focus, commitment, deep involvement of the process, determination & intuition are called for.
Once you discover cannabis wonders their is no going back...  You're obsessed for life.
Their is a lot of growing information and products that may... or... may not help in your quest to grow the finest around.
We don't spend time designing trick artwork with silly names to promote harmful chemical fertilizer and unnecessary expensive additives. Chemical fertilizer's are molecules created in a laboratory.  Using chems will lead to nutrient "lock-out" from fertilizer salt build-up 
and root burn. 
Stop using stuff that comes in an air-tight plastic bottle sitting around for who knows how long.
 Bogus chemical additives are created & promoted  claiming to enlarge, increase and intensify plant production.  We ask  ..  At what cost!
Artificial chemical (so called) enhancers contain far fewer if any natural nutrient's needed by the plants to thrive. 
By speeding up their growth artifically they have created plant junk food, crippling you're effort.
Junk food chemicals whack out sugar to nutrient ratios, nutrient collapse is the only outcome possible. 
Essential microbial life needs oxygen to survive and multiply.  A cannabis plant well grown with living micro-nutrients enjoy complete nutritional integrity so the plant get's to form and function it's metabolic systems naturally.
As the plant becomes physically complete you get
refinement in aromas, flavors & trichome development.
CWT... Potent Tasty Herb For All!
It's Bloom'in Time.
 Working with Soil, Hydro, Aero, Aqua or any grow medium,  Don't think about the plant....
 Think about the Rhizosphere {root system.}
Plants secrete many beneficial compounds though their roots to serve symbiotic relationships in the rhizosphere detected my by mycorrhizal fungi.
 80% of plant mass is below ground. 
Micro-organisms are a cannabis gardeners' dream because they are hungry predators that feed on larvae of some of the nastiest pests' we battle. They lay in-wait for the larvae of root weevils, spider mites, cut worm, bore beetle, white fly, gnats, aphids and a wide range of other pests.
Microscopic nematodes, protozoa, enzymes and all micro-organisms are crucial to abundant success.
Aerobic microbes found in nature provide nutrient cycling for plants, balanced and self regulating aligning harmoniously with nature.
Dynamic systems of microbes & fungi create flavor, aroma & quality of flowers that you're interested in.
Make a foliar application, spray on you're leaves and the nematodes will attack leaf born bugs too!
Do not spray chemicals on your plants to fight insects.   Every time you spray you kill  not only bad bugs,  but beneficial micro-organisms as well.
Pathogenic organisms "nasty bugs" that land on the leaf surface cannot compete with the beneficial micro-organisms and therefore have a greatly reduced chance to initiate disease in the first place. 
 Plants have self-awareness, their Bio-Chemistry
responds to threats, ramping up defenses for a counter attack.
Biological gardening methods go beyond organic gardening alone, by providing a deeper understanding of root health and growth, teeming with biological diversity. 
The biological approach keeps nutrients, amino acids and trace minerals on the farm, where they belong. 
Whole system solutions providing efficiency and functionality, elements of surprise.
 Our biological application is always chemical free.
Organic dirt is the skin of the earth..
Grow mediums that are alive transform all life. 
 Our connection to mother earth is still scared.  Living soil feeds us all. Bio-diversity in the soil is the life force for all living things. Bio-diversity is the survival strategy of nature.
What you chose to feed you're plants matters.
Cannabis roots thrive in an oxygen rich environment, oxygen is critical for max performance.  Chemicals are an oxygen depleter.   Lack of oxygen in your root zone equals the dead zone.
 The easiest microbial life forms to kill or inhibit are vegetative bacteria and fungi pertaining to nutrition and robust growth.
Harsh toxic chemicals kill microbial life.
 Grow with clean...True Living Organics'
Grow micro-organisms'
Grow the best possible outcome with
CannabisWormTea products.
Our products @ CannabisWormTea.com have been developed from true Cannabis growing experience.
We've been growing Cannabis for decades. 
We put our experience to work for you.
CannabisWormTea has been helping people grow the finest cannabis possible for over 9 years.
 You endeavor to grow sweet potent cannabis plants ... 
Everything you do or don't do has effect .
 If you over think it  your garden could suffer. 
 Keep it simple and organic.
CannabisWormTea is all you'll need.
 GROW & SWEET BLOOM formula.
That's it.
You should not use harmful chemicals if you treasure the value of your herb.
Make your Cannabis harvest happen with
certain knowledge and confidence. 
We'll help you grow Organic Super Sweet right out of the gate.
 First Time! ... Every Time! 
 Huge Yields..
             Full flavor...
                     Big Sticky Buds
     Indoor or outside ..  Hydro, Aero
     organic soils, any grow medium.
Our customers have been using this mix for years with fantastic success.  Check out our testimonial page. Real growers, Immediate results!
The benefits/results of Mycorrhizae inoculation can not be disputed.  The root mass and the number of root tips are directly related to the increased growth rate and yield of the  cannabis plant.
We @ Cannabiswormtea blend the best you can find.
"Ultra fine Endo" micronized mycorrhizal powder consists of a blend of the highest concentration of  fungi spores their is.
 Our concentrated, high grade mycorrhizae inoculation is a catalyst building extraordinary 
efficiency and functionality of the root system.
About 90% of the world's plant species form symbiotic relationships with these beneficial endo mycorrhizal fungi.
Mycorrhizae fungi expand into the surrounding soil or soil free conditions and colonize the plants roots increasing the roots surface area 10 to 1000 times normal root growth.  Mycorrhizae fungi also release powerful enzymes that dissolve hard to capture organic nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium and many other "TIGHTLY BOUND" nutrients providing explosive growth.
The plants provide the carbon based sugar's mycorrhizae lives on, the fungi network provides the plant with hard to come by nutrients. 
Their is a signaling between plant & fungi.
Net-working, self-organizing resource sharing communities.
 Plants are more intelligent than we have imagined.
These tiny root filaments actually attach and penetrate between and within the outer cell walls and effectively become extentions of the root system itself.  Touch damp roots to the inoculum so a small amount sticks to the roots
or sprinkle into planting holes. Use one gram for each cutting or potted plant.
Soak seeds...Dip clones
Improve transplanting survival and important early growth.
CannabisWormTea kits include a huge dose of
the highest quality Endo mycorrhizal fungi spores available.
Organic... alive grow mediums solves many growing problems you might encounter.
The fewer the grow'in problems the better. 
We will be adding growing tips , and posting up-coming events and festivals well be at.
 New CannabisWormTea products are on the     
  way. ...    Stay tuned.
       Thanks much everyone.




One CannabisWormTea kit will brew up to 125  gallons of fresh worm casting tea for all your CANNABIS garden needs wants. 

You buy the tea kit the first time, then you buy the kit refills. The more you use it the cheaper it becomes. The refills make up to 125 gallons of tea too.  We say "up to" cause some folks use more than one cup per gallon.

                  Brew a batch when you need it
            Each Hi-powered Cannabiswormtea bag 
                     is approx. 4 lbs. in weight
        Get two soaks from each tea kit and refill.
$49.95 Per kit
U.S. Plain Box Priority Shipping
We now offer World-Wide Shipping.

Returning customers can purchase
Buy Two Refills and get One Extra for Free.

  CannabisWormTea kits and
Our earthworms are carefully tended and fed
a unique blend of kelp and organic compost
for exceptional quality castings. 
No chemicals  No fillers
 Just pure earthworm castings.
 Fortified with
"Indonesian" Bat quano.
100% Pure
plus 14 other organic compounds that
Cannabis thrives on.
Examples are Sea Kelp meal, Soft Rock Phosphate
Fish Bone Meal, Fine Ground Oyster Shells etc.
Plus much needed natural calcium & magnesium 
trace elements and more.
A potent mix... To be sure!
No large animal products what so ever.
Our Grow formula has an NPK of no less than 12.3.1
Our Bloom formula has an NPK of no less than 4.10.7
Our Exclusive "LIQUID FORCE" Inoculator is
Loaded with high grade "Ultra fine Endo" Mycorrhizae fungi spores.
Has the highest spore count of them all! 
Brew it...Use it
 Fresh at home
Full of life giving oxygen.
The tea is completely odorless and will stay viable for weeks as long as the pump is on and out of sun lite.
Always Fresh -- Always Organic
Teeming with life.
CannabisWormTea gets better as it brews for a few days  
It's alive
No Odor.

Turning Simplicity into Perfect Design. 
Your kit includes a 10 gal. rated Tetra "Whisper Quite" Air pump providing life giving oxygen for massive counts of microbes to thrive and multiply. 
 A bubble stone and tubing, plus our
Liquid Force inoculator is also included. 
  Amazing plant growth and health starts with the soil/roots.  Grow you're cannabis garden with the finest Mycorrhizae available.
You'll never grow without it again! 
Don't miss out on vital life giving compounds that support and enhance plants abundant life.
           Nature provides the perfect Solution
Balance Potential Organically                    
Grow the Best Possible Outcome
 It starts in the roots!
Indoor or Outside
Hydro or Aero
Add a 5 gal. bucket of tea concentrate
to you're reservoir.
Use it a a foliar spray.
 Mycorrhizae is essential in all growing mediums
is simple to use.
 Get a 5 gal. bucket
Drop the Tea Bag
 Add purified water,
  Plug in the Oxygen. 
One or two cups per plant...every time you water. 
It's that eazy.
 Use it when you need it.

Because of the new U.S. Postal Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping option, we do not ship the kits with the 5 gal.bucket any longer..  The shipping cost to you would be very costly, about 50 bucks.

The U.S.P.S Flat rate shipping cost is the cheapest shipping cost possible. 

We never charge you cost add-ons.  

              We package/ship Fresh Nationwide
 with-in 3 business days of your order. Usually faster
                  You can find/buy 5 gal. buckets @ your local home improvement store or Wal-Mart for about 4 bucks.  More savings!  More Value! 
                     Check it out...  click on the
Worm Tea products
tab @ the top of this page.  
CannabisWormTea does not sell or distribute
substances that violate United States law or the controlled substance act.


Copyright 2019 Cannabis Worm Tea

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