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Hey All,
 From the start you need to be focused on what your trying to accomplish.  Every step of the way you must be thinking ahead and know what to expect. Anyone can grow weed... very few produce da kine.
Producing the finest organic medical grade cannabis around takes some know how and the right stuff to use on um. 
 I know, I have spent top dollar over the years for all kinds of ferts and dirt.
I spare no effort or expense when it comes to my plants.
 Your choice of strains that you'll work with will have a huge impact on the quality of your harvest.  We prefer pure Indica or an 80% Indica to 20% sativa. 
  Their are many places online to find quailty strains, as well as Mags like Hightimes.  We start soaking the seeds right off the bat with the Mycorrhizae inoculation, new moon in March/April outside.
  Put the seeds between paper towels and soak with the solution of Mycorrhizae.  It's imporant to keep them at or close to room temp.  We use a heating pad, not directly on the seed plates but off to the side... You should have cracked seeds with a tiny white shoot within 24hrs. 
Some strains do take longer... up to 3/4 days.  Keep um at room Temp!
We can't cover every type of growing medium or style.  We'll cover what we do with fantastic results every season.
If you have a large growing space indoors maybe you want a longer vegetive cycle for a heavier harvest.
Space and time are the limits. You can grow two pound plants in 4 months.
Yields depend on many variables.. If you have strong strains and follow standard gardening techniques
and use the tea... grow monsters first time everytime.
We do a 24/7  light cycle. Be sure to get a full spectrum HPS lamp.
Many indoor soil growers us 3 to 5 gal. bags for the entire project. That's ok...
If your indoor 3/5 gal. bags are set up, ready to go, you can plant the sprouted seed directly into those bags...  save the step of transplanting...the less stress the better. If your outside do 10ft wide holes.
We use what's available in our area. We like Gardner Bloom, Blue ribbon and harvest supreme
Premium start mix with lots of organic additives.  Organic Chicken manure, mushroom compost, that's it.
No measuring, dump one bag or more if needed into a pile mix it, and fill the bags.  Soak them with Worm tea to settle the soil before you make a depression 1/4in. deep and drop the sprouted seed in root down... Cover with soil ,
Hit um with worm tea to settle them into their new home.
The first ten days need constant attention. You need to keep the soil wet at all times.. Put your fingers over the gal. bottle of wormtea mix and sprinkle every day or twice a day if it's hot.
You don't need much at first.  Always mound the starts after watering.  Just pinch the dirt up to the stalk for support and inital root growth. 
You must have a small ossilating fan for indoor grows.
Pointed just high enough to see the plants quvier.  This promotes heavy stalk growth up front.
Do not put the fan directly on the starts.
This site is a work in progress,    Many of you have had growing questions, e mail us anytime. 
Were here to help in your quest to produce the finest Medicine around.
Check back often.
Thank you all for using Cannabiswormtea.            
 Just use it, Become a Believer.Check these stocks out!
That's what your looking for.....2 gal. bags to start.


Copyright 2014 Cannabis Worm Tea

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